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Audited infrastructure confirmed by the only TIER III certificate in Poland.
Guarantee of business continuity and information security.

Tier III Design Documents Tier III Facility ISO 22301 ISO 27001 Best in Cloud 2020

Why Exea?

Strengthen geographic presence

Enter the EU and the fast-growing CEE market

Use complete services

Ready to support your business


Invest cost-effectively

Profit from the viable location and volume discounts


Highly certified IT experts

Ready to support you in 24/7/365 model


Secure your systems and data

In the only Tier III Data Center in Poland


World-class standards & partners

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Why Poland?

The Polish data center market is growing rapidly, as more global IT giants enter the country.
Poland has always been a bridge between East and West and the CEE region leader in terms of macroeconomic indicators. Moreover, infrastructure investment can go hand in hand with R&D, services and innovation.

Pawel Olszynka, ICT Business Unit Director at PMR

Why Torun?

Exea Data Center is located in Torun in the middle of Poland with very convenient location of many airports in close proximity and good highway communication with each region of the country without any traffic jams. The location is far from the city center which results in lower risk of blackouts and energetic or telecommunication failures. The concentration of industry is not great and dangerous objects like gas stations, factories and big population centers are not in close proximity. In addition there are lower costs of the location out of the capital city which translate into lower prices and better infrastructure expansion possibilities.

Modern infrastructure combined with the highest standards

We have designed and built the Exea Data Center from scratch to provide the highest standard of services. The server room is constructed as building inside the building, which protects against any natural disaster – from fire to flood. 4700 square meters of modern technological space and 4 independent server chambers can accommodate 320 cabin racks. The facility has N+1 redundancy and three sets of 6 MW aggregates that can power a small city.

We understand that giving data for external companies as well as critical information for the functioning of the enterprise requires a great deal of trust. Therefore, we conduct more than 50 surveys and tests of our infrastructure every day. Our systems monitor more than 4000 sensors responsible for fault-free operation of our Data Center.

Designed from scratch

Technologically advanced server room constructed as building inside the building.

Located in central Poland

Built away from dangerous objects such as petrol stations and industrial centres.

Reliable infrastructure

We have used only world-class solutions including Rittal, Cummins, Cisco, F5, HP, Dell and Intel.

Full system redundancy

Doubling all systems. Guaranteed resistance to any hardware failures.

SLA 99,99%

No matter what service you use, you are always guaranteed 99.99% availability per year.

Increased protection

Armed guards, biometric sensors, infrared barriers and CCTV system covering the entire facility.

Official Tier III certification

The only data center in Poland with TIER III of Facility awarded after a series of rigorous tests.

ISO 22301 & 27001 certifications

The first data center in Poland with full ISO certification guaranteeing continuity of operation and information security.

2 independent power supply tracks

Two power supply tracks lead to each server rack ensuring the continuity of all services.

UPS system

The doubled UPS power supply system ensures that the power is maintained until the generators are started.

3 power generators

Energy independence is ensured by a set of generators that can power a whole medium-sized city.

Fueling of generators

The generators can operate continuously even during refueling.

Eco Freecoling

The system of using outside air reduces the energy consumption needed to cool the infrastructure.

Cold and hot corridors

Separated corridors prevent air mixing which significantly reduces energy consumption.

Independent cooling circuits

The refrigerant is supplied to each unit from two independent circuits.

Safe cooling systems

Installation of systems under the technical floor guarantees no direct contact with IT equipment.

Many operators

Access to fibre optic connections of the largest national and international operators.

PLIX traffic exchange node

Access to Poland’s largest inter-operator node with over 300 operators.

Anti DDoS protection

Advanced Anti DDoS shield to filter unwanted network traffic from outside.

Network security

Data center protected by Cisco ASA firewall solutions, F5 load balancers and Cisco VPN.

Individual approach

We provide an individual approach to each project and support at each step.

Support 24/7/365

No matter what problem you face our support department will always help you.

Monitoring 24/7/365

A team of engineers monitors and administers all data center systems on site around the clock.

We share our knowledge

You want to get to know our services even better? Take advantage of the extensive knowledge base and numerous tutorials.

Discover our solutions for business

icon Collocation

An ideal place for company servers in a secure data center, the only one in Poland with TIER III certificate.

icon Cloud

Fast, flexible and high-performance virtual environment dedicated to your specific needs.

icon Storage

High-performance and flexible storage for easy access from anywhere in the world.

icon Backup

Comprehensive data protection to guarantee peace of mind, security and business continuity.

icon Blockchain

Innovative durable media in the service model based on blockchain technology.

icon Managed Services

Management, monitoring and maintenance of company systems by Exea specialists.

Entire server chamber

Your own data center

In Exea Data Center you have the possibility to lease the entire server chamber for exclusive use.
Your data will be fine with us. And even better. Guaranteed secure and stable infrastructure at 99.99% SLA level. We provide our servers with constant access to power for uninterrupted work. We have a precise cooling and ventilation system, fire protection and rigorous access procedures but above all is the experienced crew. This all contributes to the security of your business giving it space to grow.

Exea Cloud

The best IaaS provider

Exea Cloud received the prestigious Best in Cloud 2020 award from Computerworld magazine in the category “Best Cloud Provider in an IaaS model”. The contest jury appreciated the possibility of full, free configuration of each parameter of their own virtual data center by Exea Cloud users, no limits or additional fees and the highest security of the solution.

Tier certification

Tier III of Design Documents

The infrastructure of Exea Data Center has been built in accordance with the project covered by the certificate granted by Uptime Institute. We were the first in Poland to obtain this certificate and built our data center according to it. Lack of any changes in the project resulted in the possibility of receiving another certificate – Constructed Facility.

Tier III of Constructed Facility

Exea Data Center was the first and only center in Poland to obtain the prestigious certificate awarded by the independent Uptime Institute after a series of long and rigorous tests. The Tier III level of the infrastructure guarantees that all service and maintenance works in the facility will be carried out without disruption of the IT infrastructure and without the need to stop the services provided.

ISO certification

ISO 22301

Business continuity management

Our Data Center was the first in Poland to obtain ISO certification to ensure business continuity management in the organization. The 22301 standard sets out the requirements for preventing disruptive incidents, reducing the probability of their occurrence and ensuring that if they occur our customers will not suffer in any way.

ISO 27001

Information security management

We were the first in Poland to obtain ISO certification of information security systems. This standard maximizes the level of security of processed data, establishes IT security procedures and guarantees confidential storage of information meeting international requirements. ISO 27001 gives you the assurance that your data in the Exea Cloud is really secure.

Key technical characteristics


Torun, Poland

Total area of the facility:

4700 m²

SLA Guarantee:


TIER III Documents:

Copleted certification

TIER III Facility:

The one and only audit and certification in Poland

ISO 22301:

First ISO for Cloud services in Poland

ISO 27001:

First ISO for Cloud services in Poland


Infrared, biometric, CCTV, magnetic cards, physical security with regular rounds

Access to assets:


Alternative office:


Rack standard:

Rittal 47U (60 cm x 120 cm x 220 cm)

Cages system:


Storage area:


Remote hands:


Energy accounting:

Flat rate / energy meter

Power circuits for the rack:

1×32 A + 1×32 A lub 3×32 A + 3×32 A

Guaranteed power:

6 kW / 22,5 kW

Separate power supply systems:

2 circuits (8 MW)


4 units (7 200 kVA)


1,5 MVA, N+1

Battery back-up time at maximum load:

20 min

Power generators:

3 units (6 MVA)

Anti DDoS protection:


Internet exchange point:

PLIX Warsaw

Wide Area Network:

Netia, Orange, T-Mobile, Exatel

Connectivity IPv4/IPv6:

Registered LIR in RIPE database, owns AS number

Cooling system:

80 cooling units (LCP)

Cooling system redundancy:


The early detection of fire:

System with optical sensors

Extinguishing system:

IGNIS system & FM 200 gas

Only the highest competences

We believe that IT services are largely people.

That is why we have highly qualified staff who monitor, operate, service and administer our Data Center every day. The IT market is changing very dynamically, that is why we constantly train our employees and raise their qualifications. Exea’s team of specialists consists of certified VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, Linux and CISCO engineers. We always employ only the best administrators and specialists.

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