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Get the flexibility and safety with the TIER III warranty.


Exea cloud is a flexible and highly available Cloud service in the IaaS model, where all customers’ data is collected exclusively in Poland. The service is provided in the High Availability cluster and dedicated resources Private Cloud. The enterprise-class server and array combination delivers the highest performance requirements for memory, processor, and storage. This allows you to create any number of virtual machines for both the Cloud and Private Cloud services. The whole solution is based on components and subsystems of the highest class suppliers, including Cisco, HP, Dell, Intel. Delivered solutions utilise VMware’s market leader in virtualisation.



Cloud is based on its own data center – Exea Data Center. Redundancy of all server infrastructure components so no single point of failure in the delivered architecture, ensures high availability of the entire environment and individual virtual machines. Compliance with the highest standards is confirmed by the TIER III certificate only one in Poland awarded to Exea Data Center after a series of rigorous tests by the independent agency The Uptime Institute. This allows for a real guarantee of continuity of all SLA systems at over 99.99% per year.


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Internet 100/100 Mbps with no transfer limit

Stable and symmetrical 100/100 Mbps connection with no transfer limit as standard and included in the price of the service. Link parameters can be freely configured as needed.

Redundancies and security of the links provide the fiber optic heads of the largest telecom operators in the country that have been installed in the Exea Data Center.

Within the LAN area, the infrastructure uses 10 Gbps connections. All network devices as well as server, matrix, and backup infrastructure connections are redundant to the physical interface level. In addition, all network devices are powered on two ways to ensure continuity of infrastructure in the event of a logical failure in the network infrastructure.


DDoS protection

The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) includes network traffic monitoring for DDoS attacks on content and services provided on the web. The attack is carried out simultaneously with many computers called. “Zombie” and is impossible to distinguish by the classic security systems from the correct traffic from other computers, causing paralysis of the security system, financial losses, theft of sensitive data. DDoS service is running 24/7/365. Upon detection of an attack, infected traffic is redirected to a special DDoS attack prevention center. After filtering traffic from “zombie” computers the desired traffic is routed again.


PLIX traffic exchange node

By leveraging the flexibility and tremendous data center capabilities, there is possibility to increase the business productivity and reduce network costs. Availability of connections with many operators ensures the connection with Plix – the largest IP exchange motion node in Poland.


Windows Server Licenses

In a shared environment, there is possibility to run any number of virtual servers with Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016. Therefore, any additional fees will not be charged. The Exea Data Center is a Microsoft partner and can provide any of its software in a subscription model.



Fast storage Enterprise class

Storage is delivered from Enterprise storage arrays. EMC VNX and HP 3PAR play the main role. Each matrix is equipped with a set of high performance solid state drives SSD to achieve a certain amount of input / output operations to 30,000 IOPS, latency and data throughput.
High availability is ensured by the redundancy of all system components. Performance is ensured by the right amount of high-performance SSDs disk and high-speed Enterprise class arrays controllers and the imposition of QoS policies for storage arrays.


Backup every 24 hours, stored 7 days

Copies of servers are performed once a day and stored for seven days. We recommend an optimal solution that takes Business Continuity to the highest degree with the lowest hardware load and the lowest cost of performing the tasks. The solution includes Veeam backup software and dedicated space from a separate disk array. This solution guarantees minimal impact on the productivity of your disk systems during backup.


Snapshot stored 7 days

Snapshot is a copy of a virtual machine’s disks and its active operating system memory at a given point in time. After the creation of a snapshot, all changes made to the virtual machine are recorded. This allows the machine to be restored to the state in which the snapshot was made. The change registry is postponed as additional data that takes up space in the environment. Existence of the snapshot may negatively affect performance, so it is recommended to only take snapshots shortly (up to 14 days). It is possible to have one snapshot for a virtual machine at the same time.


Two management panels (vCloud / OnApp)

We provide virtual resources running on the VMware High Availability Cluster, available and manage by vCloud Director and OnApp. The cloud environment provided to the orderer in the form of access to the environment management panel with dedicated resources for which it has the ability to create virtual machines.


Hourly/monthly settlement

Hourly settlement payment is only for actual cloud resources. This way, computing power is used only for current needs. This is the best solution for companies planning IT budgets that are ideally suited to a regular increase in demand for cloud services such as CRM for business during working hours.

Hourly settlement (Pay As You Go)

Ideal for dynamically changing resources. Payment for actual spent resources in hourly billing based on the number of working virtual machines (RAMs, CPU) used disk resources and used IP addresses and LANs. There is possibility to expand and contract your resources. Unlimited resources and flexible design approach no need to reserve resources for the future.

Monthly Settlement (Allocation)

Ideal for resources that need to be used continuously for 24 hours a day. Payment for the initial allocation of all resources in a monthly settlement. Estimated and fixed monthly cost. Ability to change environment parameters at any time. The size of the environment depends on the allocated resources. It requires a design approach and the reservation of resources needed for example to the development.

Monthly settlement reduces cost already on startup (-15%) relative to the PAYG model. Each month another 1% reduction (up to 50%) as part of the loyalty package.


VMware Virtualisation

In order to deliver our Cloud services we used VMware virtualisation to significantly reduce outlays (both time and money) spent on IT, as well as improve the security of your servers and services to a higher level. Therefore, we are sure that we offer constant access to the infrastructure.


Guarantee availability SLA 99,99

The service will be offered in the IaaS model and its high availability is guaranteed through appropriate redundancy of system components, including the use of high availability VMware cluster with N + 1 redundancy. High availability of the service guarantees an annual SLA of 99.99%.




Get to know the parameters of the cloud. Settle in PAYG or Allocation.

MODELPay As You GoAllocation
NaliczanieZa zużyte godzinyStała opłata miesięczna
Minimalny czas trwania1h1mc
ZarządzanievCloud Director / OnApp
Gwarantowana wydajnośćTak
Gwarancja SLA99,99%
Ilość VM w środowiskuBez limituw zależności od zasobów
Wybór CPU / RAM / HDDDowolna konfiguracja
Wysoka dostępność HA / DRSTak
Typ procesoraAMD / Intel
Częstotliwość procesora2.4 GHz / 2.5 GHz / 2.6 GHz
PassMark klastrado 19177
Max CPU per VMdo 48 vCPU
Max RAM per VMdo 256 GB
Max HDD per VM2 TB
StorageSSD + SAS + 10k
IOPSdo 30.000
Wielkość środowiska (CPU / RAM / HDD)Bez limitu
Publiczne adresy IPbez limitu (1 w cenie)
Max ilość kart sieciowych per VM10
Sieć prywatnaTak
Maksymalna ilość sieci prywatnychbez limitu (1 w cenie)
Transferbez limitu
Prędkość łącza internal (LAN)1000 / 1000 Mbps
Prędkość łącza external (Internet)100 / 100 Mbps
Static RoutingTak
Load BalancerTak
Domyślny raz dziennie w oknie backupowym, trzymany 7 dniTak
Ochrona Netia Anty DDoSTak
Tworzenie Affinity rulesTak
Import własnego obrazu OVA/OVFTak
Import i montowanie własnego obrazu ISOTak
Upload / Download VMTak
Tworzenie prywatnych szablonówTak
Możliwość autentykacji po własnym LDAPTak
Tworzenie własnych polityk zarządzania VMTak
Dodawanie CPU i RAM bez wyłączenia VM (Hot Add)Tak
Możliwość stworzenia hybrydy kolokacja - cloudTak

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